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13th Season

The Dying Gaul

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Written by: Craig Lucas
Directed by: Aaron Carr & Khimmberly Maarshal


How much are your principles worth? How much money would you take to act against your beliefs? What is the market price of artistic integrity? These age old questions have been at the forefront of the human condition since time and art began. But now, they are the only questions left to answer for Robert, a budding scriptwriter, after he is offered $1 million to turn his gay play into a heterosexual mainstream production. But can he change the character so closely based on his lover who recently succumbed to the deadly AIDS virus. The answers could make or break his success as a writer, a lover, and a member of the human race.

But throw into the mix Jeffrey a scheming bisexual movie mogul with his mind set on winning Robert's script as well as his love, Jeffrey's wife who begins posing online as Robert's dead lover and Robert's ineffectual, over-the-top psychiatrist--each with their own scrupulous agendas, the plot takes twist after wickedly entertaining twist.

The Lambda Players kicks off their 2001-2002 Season with one of the most sought after plays in recent years. From Craig Lucas, author of the award winning plays Prelude to a Kiss and Reckless, comes a brilliantly crafted and intricately spun play making its Sacramento premiere. The Dying Gaul weaves a fold of elements plaguing the human condition: homosexuality, human nature, artistic integrity and the power of depression. At the heart of this complex tale is the philosophy of introspection.

Described by Lucas as a contemporary American tragedy, and by critics as the Anti-Angeles in America, audiences bear witness to one of the most amusing, sophisticated gay satires of our times. Guaranteed to leave watchers reflecting on the justifications they themselves use to violate their principles.

The cast: Aaron Carr, Khimmberly Maarshal, Mike Kelly, and Don Schuettee.

September 28 - October 27, 2001
Friday & Saturday nights, 8 p.m.
Wm. J. Geery Theater, 2130 L Street, Sacramento

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